Products and Services

Smart Home

  • Let your home learn your preferences and offer you the ultimate comfort, safety and enjoyment
  • A fully automated home works with the rhythm of your life and performs actions for you automatically to suit your everyday routine


  • Save on energy by turning lights and fans off when no one is around
  • Control lights by motion or using a schedule
  • Vacation lighting helps create an impression of occupied house
  • Eliminate blue light from your lighting in the evening to assist with your circadian rhythm and promote restful sleep


  • With just one voice command start watching a movie with your favourite theatre setup – let your smart home take care of the lighting, blinds setup and play the movie using your favourite streaming service or Blu Ray player
  • Play music or radio anywhere round the house with our smart wireless speakers

Climate Control

  • Control zone or even room based temperature settings on your Air Conditioner based on individual and seasonal preferences
  • Save energy by automatically opening and closing blinds during the day to adjust room temperature depending on external temperature
  • Turn on/off dehumidifier based on humidity level

Safety and Security

  • Home Automation Controller based Security System
  • Automated arming and disarming of security system based on home occupancy tracking
  • Get alerted on your mobile phone should there be a security breach when you are away from home
  • Check on your home any time with CCTV app on your mobile or view recorded videos
  • Get alerted on your mobile when smoke or flooding is detected in your hom