About Sentegrate

Inspired by a vision of true smart living with automated homes and businesses, Sentegrate has been formed to offer safe, comfortable and delightful homes and workplaces for everyone. We strive to deliver excellence in building automation and control services for our residential and business customers.

At Sentegrate we work hard to achieve the following goals for our customers:

  • Simplify life with cleverly hidden automation
  • Provide service excellence
  • Deliver economic value

While modern lifestyles have created ‘technology overload’ with multiple devices, appliances, apps and remote controls to grapple with, Sentegrate strives for simplification of “in your face” technologies. We offer real value by focusing on our customers and use home automation technology to improve comfort and convenience instead of adding complexity.

Why Sentegrate

“We make technology work harder to help you rediscover simplicity and comfort in your life”

Service Approach – We take special care to ensure you not only get good service but also a great experience in dealing with us

Economic Value – We work hard to ensure your Smart Home is designed to save by reducing power consumption

Engineering – You benefit from our extensive engineering experience spanning over 20 years in the fields of electrical, electronics, software and IT

Customer Care – Our Smart Home maintenance plan is designed to provide our customers peace of mind through quality on-going support

Project Management – We bring over 30 years combined experience of technology implementations for top 50 ASX companies