“Smart Home” brings together a combination of comfort, convenience, safety, security and efficiency for you by connecting and controlling lighting, air conditioning, security, entertainment systems and appliances around your home. Through a web of sensors and devices connected an intelligent central control system that keeps you in control anywhere, anytime.
Immerse yourself into a fully scaled Smart Home or just take a small step toward smart living and extend it at your own pace.

Don’t get tangled in too many one trick apps…
Our Smart Home is a truly integrated web of controls and sensors that come together to manage your essential services and create the perfect environment for your family. Every home is different so let our smart designers work with you to create the magic for you. Unlike us many products and apps provide single function like lighting control or security monitoring causing a clutter of apps for you to negotiate that don’t talk to each other.

Energy Cost Reduction
Helps you save on energy…

By efficient use of lighting, heating, cooling and appliances a Smart Home can help you save money. Understand your energy usage through integrated smart energy monitor that can provide your energy usage patterns so you can take control of your energy use.

Security and Safety
Have peace of mind with the ability to remotely monitor your home…
You can leave your home for work or holidays with peace of mind knowing you can monitor your home from anywhere, anytime and get alerted if there is a breach. A network of strategically placed security cameras and motion sensors will allow you to take control of your security. You may also be eligible for a discount on your home and content insurance premium when you have a Smart Home, talk to your insurer to find out more.

Our automated presence tracker can automatically arm or disarm the security system making it simple to use. With connected smoke detectors, you can be alerted on your mobile if the alarm is triggered, enabling you to react immediately.

It’s so convenient when your home knows what you want…
You don’t have to leave your lounge to go around the house turning the light switches off after the rest of the family, your Smart Home knows when no one is around so it turns off the lights and fans or your garage door can open for you as you approach the house. Your front and back door can remind you if you have forgotten to close them at night or when you are going away.

Just relax and let your Smart Home take care of the rest…
There’s nothing like coming home to comfortable cooled home after a long day’s work on those hot summer days. Let your Smart Home work out the temperature and humidity in the house and ensure your optimum comfort level is maintained.