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We offer ready to install, pre-configured Home Automation Kits 

In 3 easy steps we deliver ready to install Home Automation and Security kits, pre-configured to match the needs of your clients, eliminating the need for the installers to configure individual components

1. Source devices

2. Configure and develop installation kits to suit your customer specific requirements

3. Deliver plug-n-play kit to you

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We work with you to create your dream Smart Home living experience in 3 easy steps. Tell us about your home automation needs to get started today…

1. Workout your needs

2. Source devices and pre-configure for installation

3. Quick installation to deliver a smart home solution to you

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If you are a Property Developer, we can assist with Home Automation offerings for your clients. We can then closely work with your electricians to deliver a Smart Home solution on your behalf. Contact us to get started…

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Products and Services

Smart Home

  • Let your home learn your preferences and offer you the ultimate comfort, safety and enjoyment
  • A fully automated home works with the rhythm of your life and performs actions for you automatically to suit your everyday routine


  • Save on energy by turning lights and fans off when no one is around
  • Control lights by motion or using a schedule
  • Vacation lighting helps create an impression of occupied house
  • Eliminate blue light from your lighting in the evening to assist with your circadian rhythm and promote restful sleep


  • With just one voice command start watching a movie with your favourite theatre setup – let your smart home take care of the lighting, blinds setup and play the movie using your favourite streaming service or Blu Ray player
  • Play music or radio anywhere round the house with our smart wireless speakers

Climate Control

  • Control zone or even room based temperature settings on your Air Conditioner based on individual and seasonal preferences
  • Save energy by automatically opening and closing blinds during the day to adjust room temperature depending on external temperature
  • Turn on/off dehumidifier based on humidity level

Safety and Security

  • Home Automation Controller based Security System
  • Automated arming and disarming of security system based on home occupancy tracking
  • Get alerted on your mobile phone should there be a security breach when you are away from home
  • Check on your home any time with CCTV app on your mobile or view recorded videos
  • Get alerted on your mobile when smoke or flooding is detected in your hom

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Sentegrate Smart Home Products


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Package Option

  • Base Package (Security System, CCTV, Intercom and Smoke Alarm)
  • Lighting Control Package
  • Climate Control Package
  • Voice Control Package
  • Entertainment Control Package
  • Access Control Package
  • Control Devices Package
  • Blinds Control Package

Package Function

Devices in Package

  • Lights Control Relay
  • Philips Hue Kit
  • Philips Hue Bulbs RGB
  • Philips Hue Bulb White
  • Fan Control Relay
  • Dimmer
  • Lamps Relay

Device Function

Key Functions:

About Sentegrate

Inspired by a vision of true smart living with automated homes and businesses, Sentegrate has been formed to offer safe, comfortable and delightful homes and workplaces for everyone. We strive to deliver excellence in home automation through property developers. installers, electricians or home owners themselves.

At Sentegrate we work hard to achieve the following goals for our customers:

  • Simplify life with cleverly hidden automation
  • Provide service excellence
  • Deliver economic value

While modern lifestyles have created ‘technology overload’ with multiple devices, appliances, apps and remote controls to grapple with, Sentegrate strives for simplification of “in your face” technologies. We offer real value by focusing on our customers and use home automation technology to improve comfort and convenience instead of adding complexity.

Why Sentegrate

“We make technology work harder to help you rediscover simplicity and comfort in your life”

Service Approach – We take special care to ensure you not only get good service but also a great experience in dealing with us

Economic Value – We work hard to ensure your Smart Home is designed to save by reducing power consumption

Engineering – You benefit from our extensive engineering experience spanning over 20 years in the fields of electrical, electronics, software and IT

Customer Care – Our Smart Home maintenance plan is designed to provide our customers peace of mind through quality on-going support

Project Management – We bring over 30 years combined experience of technology implementations for top 50 ASX companies


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